Rick Slifer photoWelcome to the new web site for RASA Consulting. It is very gratifying to have an organization that is in demand in this very competitive marketplace. There are many humorous ways of describing what consultants do (“expert from out of town" is one of my favorites) so I thought I’d take just a minute to explain the value proposition a consulting organization like ours can bring to your company.

First, we are in business for ourselves and so we understand the importance of the careful expenditure of dollars. Second, if you are an executive in a medium or large business, we have walked in your shoes as we have all had positions of responsibility, most oriented to the development of new markets or the generation of new revenue. We bring to your organization many years of experience and success in identifying the right opportunities, the development of clear strategies, and implementation of business development tactics to win new business. As one client so aptly put it, we are your trusted advisors, available to help organize a brainstorming session on how to break into a new market or to help put together a winning proposal strategy. We can coach your team on different government agencies and their decision making processes, and how to win more business. Mostly though, we are there to help you grow your business—profitably.

Call us and find out how we can help you be more successful, just like we've helped our other clients over the past six years.

Rick Slifer, President

P.S. - If you liked this web site and the way it presented our qualifications, it was designed by Micro Jenisys, Inc. of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The marketing and public relations firm that guided our strategic message presentation was ConnellyWorks of Herndon, Virginia.  Many thanks to the fine professionals of both organizations!

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