Proposal Strategy

A network services provider made a decision to submit two proposals with different approaches and different teams for the same opportunity. The client requested that RASA provide two consultants to provide strategic, tactical, and management support to  both efforts, creating a firewall between the two groups, and ensuring that both proposals, while different solution-wise, were fully responsive. Both proposals were submitted successfully, judged compliant by the customer, and while one was a winner, the other was withdrawn for strategic reasons.

Sales Strategy

RASA was engaged by a small business telecommunications software development company to identify business development targets in the federal market. Our research uncovered a pilot program with a cabinet level agency that was being bid as a service disabled veteran opportunity. While the client did not fulfill the veteran requirement, RASA successfully crafted a teaming strategy, orchestrated the partnering with a veteran-owned company, assisted the companies in deciding on work share, and helped write the successful proposal. After the pilot win and implementation, the partnership was awarded, competitively, the full follow-on multi-million dollar contract.