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GSA and USDA plan procurements through VETS2, GSA Schedule and Alliant Small Busines 2 of Task Orders for IT Modernization
JUNE 2018

RASA teams with Nation Analytics to offer support services for the Air Force’s Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions IDIQ draft RFP
APRIL 2017

The Department of the Air Force, Business and Enterprise Systems Directorate has issued the Draft Request for Proposal for the Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions (SBEAS) IDIQ. This program is the follow-on to the very successful Netcents-2 program. The 12 successful bidders on that program, combined, hit the $1 billion ceiling early in the contract term and that is the reason for the recompete. There will be approximately 40 awards on this contract.

The scope of this ID/IQ includes the comprehensive suite of IT services and IT solutions to support IT systems and software development in a variety of environments and infrastructures. Additional IT services include, but are not limited to, documentation, operations, deployment, cybersecurity, configuration management, training, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product management and utilization, technology refresh, data and information services, information display services and business analysis for IT programs.

RASAConsulting, with its partner Nation Analytics, much like we did for the Alliant 2 procurement, will be offering comprehensive support services for this important small business acquisition.

  • Complete orientation and overview of the instructions to bidders and evaluation criteria.
  • Development of client strategy and key steps to success, monitoring of all amendments to the RFP when released in July.
  • Assistance in preparation of the self-scoring work sheet and determination if you meet the government’s minimum point threshold for qualification for award.
  • Assistance with maximization of your score relative to the RASA calculated projected cut score for achieving an award.
  • Assistance with preparation of the required Technical Verification Forms and Past Performance Narratives.
  • Development of a compliance check list.
  • Turnkey proposal preparation.

Please contact us for a list of services and support.

RASA Offers Alliant 2 Task Order Competition Support
APRIL 2017

GSA has announced that all protests of the Alliant 2 RFP have been settled and awards are expected in the fall 2017. RASA to launch task order market research and analytics service in May 2017.

OASIS Pool On-Ramps Update
APRIL 2017

Word on the Street – GSA reports several on ramps planned for summer 2017. Now’s the time to assess were you stand.

RASA Client, collab9, Wins Unified Communications Product of the Year 2017

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RASA Offers Alliant 2 RFP Support

RASA Consulting announces that it has assisted 18 clients in determining their score against the projected cut score for Alliant 2. Also, RASA provided turnkey proposal support to three of these clients and provided compliance support for most of them. Best of luck to our clients as the government evaluates bids for award!

OASIS Pool On-Ramps Update

RASA Consulting announces full service support for scoring, compliance, and proposal formulation for all OASIS Pool On-Ramps. Kicking off with a Webinar that “shreds” the Pool 2 ON RAMP RFP, followed by customized support for clients.

RASA Celebrates 11 Years in Business
JULY 5, 2016

RASA is proud to announce that it has been successfully serving its customers for 11 years!

GSA has announced that the Alliant 2 RFP will be released on or about June 20th.
Will you be ready?

JUNE 7, 2016

You will have 60 days to figure out what the RFP means and prepare your submission. Given the history of OASIS, HCaTS and the questions and answers/clarifications for VETS 2 (all using the same quantitative scoring methodology as Alliant 2), submitting a compliant proposal is more challenging than just filling out the self-scoring matrix. It is a complex process. It is essential to be 100% compliant.

GSA has demonstrated on the HCaTS awards that it will not hesitate to disqualify non-compliant bids for any reason:

  • Of 95 small business bids on HCaTS, 65 were eliminated from the competition for noncompliance—almost 70%!
  • Of the 80 unrestricted bids, 39 were eliminated from the competition for noncompliance—nearly 50%

There will no doubt be protests, but the protest history for OASIS shows that not a single protest was upheld for compliance issues!

Our experience working with companies preparing bids on Alliant 2 and VETS2 indicate it’s more difficult than it appears at first reading.

  • RASA has assisted in developing bids and validating our client’s self-scoring, providing an estimated ranking and acquisition cut score, based on the latest government data for all bidders that is available.  Our consultative process offering includes: 
    • Recommendations to maximize your ranking, including any necessary government data corrections. 
    • Production of a custom written report detailing our analysis of how GSA will view your score and ranking along with recommendations for improvement. 
    •  An oral presentation of our analysis to your Alliant team that will help you understand how the scoring and ranking were done and discuss potential courses of action.
  • RASA has senior proposal and production consultants to assist with “red teaming” your proposal and ensuring that all compliance requirements are met.

Call us today. We can assist your team to understand GSA’s new acquisition methodology and how it will be implemented on Alliant 2—and what that means to your bid-no bid decision.

Be compliant! Maximize your score! Improve your rank!

RASA Partners with One Nation Analytics on Alliant 2
FEBRUARY 4, 2016

GSA has announced that Alliant 2 request for proposals will be released this “spring” and, for the most part will track with the guidance provided in the draft as to requirements, bidding methods, and evaluation. It replaces Alliant, which was hugely successful as 63 agencies have committed over $22 Billion to task orders under the program.

There are a significant acquisition methodology changes in Alliant 2, however and those changes will open the door, potentially, to a different, broader group of bidders. However, Alliant 2 figures to be just as successful or more so, but it will get there a much different way. GSA has elected to employ the strategic sourcing principles that were utilized in OASIS and several other recent large non-IT contracts. This changes the game for potential bidders as they will be numerically scored on past performance, relevant experience, new technologies and other factors to provide a broader range of service provider awardees for agencies to select from. The evaluation scoring is one of self- scoring based on the bid criteria, but the key to being awarded a contract on the master Alliant vehicle is maximizing a company’s RANKING among its competitors.

RASA Consulting has analyzed the bid requirements and added to its consultative approach by partnering with One Nation Analytics—a company that specializes in data mining and analysis of the information that GSA will use to validate bidder’s scores. ONA then applies advanced analytics to provide our clients with their ranking in relation to the anticipated cutline, based on the elements that they intend to bid. This partnership will be focused on providing an advanced analytics-driven proposal strategy through its consulting services and analysis assistance. RASA is a leading provider of proposal strategy and support services to large and small businesses alike. OneNation Analytics’ unique capabilities in mining government spending and performance data, and its analytics techniques, will add unique capabilities to RASA’s robust menu of consulting services. This partnership will be focused on providing proposal strategy consulting services tuned to the new GSA strategic sourcing methods.

For more information about Alliant 2, please contact us.

Blog: Data Analytics Grow in Contract Source Selection

The challenge begins! GSA released the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) RFP.
OCTOBER 16, 2015

GSA released the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) RFP today at 1:09 PM, with proposals due in 90 days. This RFP represents GSA’s effort to put forth a comprehensive solicitation for bids to provide network-based services to support local, regional, national, and global missions that require a comprehensive network solution. It encompasses IP networking, access, broadband, cloud, contact center, voice, security, and many other services to support the missions of the US Government. This is the first procurement of several that are a part of the Network Services 2020 program for strategic sourcing of network related services.

RASA Consulting Celebrates 10th Anniversary
OCTOBER 5, 2015

RASA Consulting celebrates its 10th year of assisting clients plan and strategize for success. With a focus on business development, sales and marketing, RASA has assisted companies with making gains in market share and revenues from the public sector.  More than 50 companies during our first 10 years have looked to RASA for expert consulting, advisory services, and strategy development in order to better position them for network-based IT opportunities.  We look forward to serving our clients in their pursuit of opportunities that derive from GSA’s NS2020 strategy and Alliant program in the near future. Most of all, we thank our clients for having the confidence in RASA to assist them with their most important projects.

RASA is a small business consulting firm specializing in assisting companies that have as their objective of expanding their public service market presence for networking and it products and services. RASA has offices in Florida and Washington, DC.



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