NS2020 Strategy
OCTOBER 12, 2015

Network Services 2020 is here!

GSA changed the NS2020 strategy for the better, collapsing the GSA Regions into the Headquarter organizational structure to produce one, nationwide and global procurement: Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS). EIS clears the path for government organizations to contract for all-IP network solutions, allowing for managed services and security, access to any application through hosted clouds, and securely accessible service from anywhere—office, home, or when mobile.

The functional specification will serve major agency headquarters and networks and metro and regional agencies, as well. By providing the same high quality service on their MAN’s and WAN’s as they would receive from the national network, the regions will have a path to technology innovations and capabilities – secure, cost effective, and fully compatible with other regions, bureaus, and agencies, now and in the future.

The estimated three-year ramp to the new IP networks allows the government to replace legacy systems and transform how it defines the budget. As new money is programmed (and old money reprogrammed), the vendors for the GSA 15-year EIS will serve the government with innovative technologies, effective design and implementation solutions and competitive prices.

NS2020 EIS is projected for release in mid October and will initiate the proposal development process by interested vendors. An estimated 11 teams are pursuing this procurement. Whether you are a large, medium, or small business, there are many opportunities to team and participate as a subcontractor or a prime contractor in this 15-year contract.

RASA Consulting is here to help you develop your strategy, your business development plan, and your proposal.


What's wrong with GSA NS2020?
Washington Technology
NOVEMBER 10, 2014
By: Rick Slifer


NS2020 Strategy
NOVEMBER 10, 2014

The General Services Administration (GSA) has an ongoing strategy to improve the way government acquires communications and information technology (IT) infrastructure services. That strategy, well known in the industry by now, is Network Services 2020, or NS2020. It has been in process since 2012, but 2014 begins the strategy implementation stage.

The NS2020 strategy is meant to serve as a transition between the Regional Local Service Agreements (LSA) that will expire between 2015-2017, and the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program set to become the successor to Networx in 2017. There will be three Regional Infrastructure Solutions areas as part of the strategy:

  • Northeast Infrastructure Solutions (NIS)
  • Central Infrastructure Solutions (CIS)
  • Western Infrastructure Solutions (WIS)

As one of the first steps to strategy implementation, GSA’s National Capital Region (NCR) released the draft Statement of Work (SOW) for NIS in June 2014 – but it quickly became confusing to those who read it.

The Washington Interagency Telecommunication System (WITS) 3 contract, the current Regional LSA for acquiring telecom services is set to expire in November 2015. NIS is meant to take its place while preparing agencies for the transformation to all IP-based networks that will come through the EIS program in 2017 – but the new SOW for NIS appears to be more or less a cut and paste of the current WITS 3 acquisition documents which completely contradict NS2020.

The NIS SOW leaves few clues as to the reasoning behind this, carrying over only Section C which addresses descriptions, specifications and work statements. It leaves out Sections B, H, J, L and M which explain billing, instructions, reporting and other critical information to help technologists move forward – all materials that could have shed some light on the matter. While we understand why GSA included continuity of services as a primary objective of NIS with WITS expiring soon, we don’t understand why they would announce a whole new acquisition strategy and organization structure, amounting to an essential bridge contract from WITS 3.

The upside of all the confusion over the NIS SOW also is that it has brought the community together. Industry associations like TechAmerica and the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) are working together in the spirit of partnership and reaching out to GSA for clarification. While we hope GSA can provide us some clarity soon, one thing’s for sure – there are more than a few of us scratching our heads on this one.


RASA Consulting Celebrates 9th Anniversary in the Network-Based IT Market
NS2020 Activity, ALLA NALLA Certifications Mark Start of Year Ten
OCTOBER 14, 2014

Annapolis, MD – October 14, 2014 – Richard A. Slifer & Associates (RASA), a consulting firm that specializes in marketing network-based information technology (IT) companies to the federal government, celebrates its ninth anniversary in September, culminating a year of business expansion both in its traditional market as well as new, specialty markets. Niche markets include the provision of certifications and management insight for the Alliance Long Lines Activity (ALLA) and National Long Lines Agency (NALLA), as well as consulting services for companies perusing General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules and GSA’s Network Services 2020 (NS2020) initiative.

The company, established in 2005, offers a wide array of conceptualized and functional solutions, but a majority of its business offerings have evolved from government IT and telecommunications needs and opportunities. Most recently, this has been evidenced by the company’s involvement with the NS2020 initiative. As an NS2020 consultant, RASA helps industry partners package their networks to efficiently sell to the government.

“Our ninth anniversary brings renewed opportunity for us but also the challenge to continue evolving ahead of market changes,” said Richard Slifer, Founder and Principal, RASA. “We’re a small and agile company armed with more than 125 years of combined experience in the market, so we’re able to adapt quickly to accommodate a variety of clients’ ever-changing needs.”

RASA also is involved in providing certifications and management insights for ALLA/NALLA. As part of this work, RASA helps telecommunications carriers and IT companies determine eligibility, complete applications and obtain host country approval for the installation and operation of military communications. This certification gives companies the ability to provide telecommunications services for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and national defense purposes.

“We’ve recently been the consulting lead in providing ALLA and NALLA certifications. These certifications have become a requirement for all telecommunications providers looking to provide service for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) when one or more of their circuits terminate in a NATO country. We’re excited to be one of the only companies that can provide such services, and look forward to the international opportunities this can open up for us,” added Slifer.

Moving forward, RASA will continue working with companies across the federal IT market to provide consultation, marketing, business development, research, strategic planning, sales strategy, proposals and more, helping companies improve sales as networks convert to IP and business solutions begin to drive procurements rather than just telecommunications services.

About Richard A. Slifer & Associates, Inc.:
Richard A. Slifer & Associates (RASA), headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, was established in 2005 by Richard A. Slifer after serving more than 30 years in the business of sales, marketing and customer service. Slifer’s expertise is augmented by a team of six senior consulting associates with more than 125 years of combined executive leadership experience in business and government. The RASA team works to help companies grow their market share and sales revenues through ALLA and NALLA certifications, business development consulting, market research, marketing strategy, sales performance, capture management and proposal development. For more information, visit

Lori Ertel
ConnellyWorks, Inc.
(571) 323-2585, ext. 2250

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RASA Consulting's 5th Anniversary
JULY 6, 2010

RASA Consulting is celebrating its 5th anniversary this week, having incorporated on July 6th, 2005. During our first five years, we have successfully assisted our clients win new business and develop their federal marketing plans. Our business is growing steadily as the word spreads that RASA focuses on results, not just studies and conversation.

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Federal News Radio
JUNE 16, 2009
Rick Slifer photo


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