Rick Slifer

Updates for Alliant 2, OASIS, and USAF SBEAS

Even though the awards for Alliant 2, additional On Ramps for OASIS, and the USAF SBEAS RFP aren't expected until later this year, this is the time to prepare for these three important procurements:

  1. Alliant 2: Awards are expected in the fourth quarter or 2017. The task order activity will be as robust for the new contract as it was for the first Alliant. RASA will be offering Alliant 1 Task Order analytics-based market research to keep our clients on top of the recompetes of previously awarded tasks, as well as analysis of new task orders as they are being funded. This Task Order Service will be available in late May or early June. More details to come.
  2. Oasis On-Ramp: OASIS success is driving GSA to initiate on-ramp procurements for the most active pools of services.  The “heard on the street” word is that GSA will be issuing several solicitations for new players for IT categories this summer.  We will continue to track this opportunity and will provide pre-proposal services to our clients.
  3. The USAF Small Business Enterprise Application Solutions (SBEAS) IDIQ is out in Draft RFP form and is another quantatively-evaluated procurement. This is a self-scoring/past performance-based opportunity where understanding the compliance requirements and evaluation criteria are critical to knowing your chances of success. It requires knowing where the competition is strong, and being fully prepared to create and submit a winning proposal. RASA and its partner, Nation Analytics, are currently analyzing the draft RFP. The RFP is expected to be released in July and, in the meantime, RASA/Nation will be offering pre-RFP market research and consulting services to provide clients a head start on their planning.

Key characteristics of all three of these self-scoring/past performance bid opportunities:

  1. The criteria for award are clearly spelled out and, in one case, there is a minimum (SBEAS) score you must attain.
  2. The estimated cut score will shift with new competitors and amendments by the government. Industry changes, data updates and solicitation amendments will make the cut score is a moving target.
  3. Minor mistakes could get your bid thrown out or tossed out for compliance reasons, or because documentation wasn't in order.

RASA has the analysts and professional proposal creators that are experienced in preparing quantatively-evaluated proposals and can assist with submitting a compliant proposal.

A small investment with us can greatly improve your chances of taking a winning approach to Alliant 2/Alliant 2 Small Business task orders, Oasis On-Ramp, and USAF SBEAS.

2017 will be a big year for IDIQs. Will you be ready?