RASA to support IT Modernization TASK Order requests initiated by GSA and USDA for NETS and Schedule Contractors

GSA plans to issue task orders or even blanket purchase agreements against either the Schedule 70, VETS 2 or the Alliant 2 unrestricted or small business government wide acquisition contracts for the cloud/infrastructure, data analysis, customer experience/voice of the customer CoEs. These procurements will be in the functional areas of Cloud adoption, IT infrastructure optimization, customer experience, service delivery analytics, contact centers, RASAConsulting will provide Task Order proposal and competitive analytics support to bidders on these opportunities. Contact Rick Slifer at 410 971 9725 or Rick@rasaconsulting.net for more information.

Contact Rick Slifer at 410-971-9725 or Rick@RASAConsulting.net for more information.

Announcing a New Service to Support Alliant Task Order Business Development

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