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ALLA-NALLA CertificationWhy ALLA NALLA Certification? 
Within NATO member nations, the Alliance Long Lines Activity (ALLA) provides assistance for the procurement of commercial-leased telecommunications services. Under ALLA procedures, to be eligible to provide these services for NATO and national defense purposes, providers need to be accredited by the appropriate authorities of the host country. In each NATO country, a National Long Lines Agency (NALLA) sets these accreditation standards. For network bidders looking to provide services to the U.S. military outside the contiguous U.S. (OCONUS), this means being NALLA certified. RASA helps guide providers through this process, from eligibility determination to accreditation. 

What we do.
At RASA, we’re experts in the ALLA handbook and guidelines. We provide companies looking to provide services abroad to the U.S. military with a complete eligibility assessment. If your company is qualified, we’ll help you complete the application and obtain host country approval. If your company is not qualified, we’ll work with you to identify and fill gaps. We’ll provide you insight to ensure your company is fully compliant with NATO guidelines, host country rules and NALLA policies.

Delivering results.
With multiple handbooks, guidelines and policies to follow, the NALLA certification process can be a confusing one. Our consultants will work with you every step of the way to explain procedures and provide guidance to help your company acquire the appropriate accreditation in a matter of four to six months.

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