Sales PerformanceWhy Sales Performance?
The sales cycle is dependent on a number of constantly changing variables, from evolving budgets to management transitions. By understanding this cycle – and positioning your solutions and resources to meet these changes – you can significantly increase your sales in the federal government and enterprise markets. RASA’s consultants work with you to maximize your resources for improved efficiency, better customer relationships and increased revenues.

What we do.
We start by assessing your overall structure, then build and develop sales teams to cover specific virtual or geographic markets. To help you improve your sales team’s skills and performance, we can provide training and coaching. Improving your sales performance and driving top opportunities, RASA can help your company:

  • Prioritize opportunities
  • Maximize resources
  • Manage tools, including:
    • Account plans
    • Strategy sessions
    • Contact plans
    • Win-Loss reviews
    • Client surveys
    • Ongoing competitive assessments
  • Implement recognition and retention programs
  • Improve funnel management
Delivering results. 
The RASA team has decades of executive leadership experience in selling technology in the government and commercial markets. We can work with you to optimize the full sales lifecycle – from building a winning sales team and growing your business development pipeline to managing client relationships and promoting repeat business. RASA delivers results that drive sales, increase revenue and maximize your win probability in the federal and enterprise market.

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