Proposal DevelopmentWhy Proposal Development?      
In the federal or enterprise market, a proposal is the culmination of a detailed business development process designed to establish your company as the leader in a specific product or service area. How you present this proposal can be the difference between losing or winning a bid. To achieve the latter, RASA helps your company to meet detailed requirements and expectations of the request for proposal (RFP) you’re pursuing, focusing on your role in solving the issuing agency’s unique challenges.

What we do.  
Our experienced, professionally trained proposal staff starts by reviewing your capabilities and determining which solution set best solves the agency’s challenges. We then outline any potential gaps that should be filled by partner organizations and work to support your claims with solid past-performance references. Once this preliminary process is complete, RASA focuses on creating a comprehensive winning proposal plan, helping you to:  

  1. Build the team
  2. Solicit qualified partners
  3. Plan for supplementary resources
  4. Establish the proposal budget
  5. Create a timeline for completed proposal delivery

Our consultants will help you develop a sound strategy for a winning proposal that meets or exceeds the RFP requirements, demonstrates your value and positions you as a clear leader in the industry. But this entire process – from the decision to bid to writing the proposal – requires a multi-faceted approach to execute a win. At RASA, our experts can also provide:

  1. Pre-RFP planning and preparation
  2. Opportunity qualification
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Black Hat reviews
  5. Oral presentations and coaching
  6. Proposal writing
  7. Deliverable preparation

Delivering results.  
We believe that every proposal is an opportunity to reassess and reassert your place in the industry, translating solid qualifications into new and repeat business. Through a rigorous review of the request for proposal (RFP), industry competition and your own unique qualifications, RASA ensures that your offering is fully compliant with the government’s needs, easily evaluated by the government customer and presented to stress the compelling qualities that set your company apart from others in the field.  


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