Marketing StrategyWhy Marketing Strategy?
There is no room for wasted efforts in the federal market – efficiency is the name of the game. Creating a marketing strategy ensures you have a plan with specific methods, targets and goals to keep you on track to improve sales. RASA’s consultants work with you to develop a marketing strategy, using proven methodologies and an in-depth knowledge of the market, to improve your sales to the federal market.

What we do.
To develop your marketing strategy, we begin by having our team review and provide feedback on your products and services. This helps refine your company’s value proposition and benefits to better position you to agencies and organizations. Working with your team, we then review the status of existing clients and prospects to determine future targets and goals. We then build a sales pipeline along with customized marketing strategies and messaging for:

  • Key target audiences
  • Existing relationship development
  • Channel partner programs

Delivering results.
Combining our experience in marketing and sales strategy with our knowledge of the federal market, we develop an understanding of your business to identify organizations that would be key strategic or teaming partners to help you achieve your sales goals. Our team of consultants will deliver a customized, unique marketing strategy that will make your business stand out to federal agencies and organizations to drive sales and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

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