Why Market Research? 
Vendors that are successful in the federal marketplace understand the importance of researching government agencies’ missions, their requirements and their budgets. It is this market research, gleaned from hours of perusing government data and other primary and secondary research, that is the foundation of a successful go-to-market approach. RASA conducts the market research you need to help you grow your federal sales.

What we do. 
At RASA, we believe the first step to winning government business is to have a clear understanding of agency missions, the problems they face, their evolving budgets and their contracting profile. That’s why we conduct extensive market research using contract databases, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reports and agency budgets – and, when possible, we go straight to the source to gather detailed information on an agency’s past contracting, spending and bidding cycles.

We augment this primary research with secondary sources to give you a 360 degree view of the agency. Next, we combine this research with expert analysis by our experienced business development professionals to help you identify the most lucrative opportunities in the market.

Delivering results. 
Our sales and business development professionals will deliver actionable intelligence on the market, transforming raw data into usable information for executing business development and sales plans. At RASA, we use this market research as the foundation of pursuing the right markets, selecting the right sales strategy and teaming with the best partners to improve your place in the market and increase your probability of winning a contract. RASA delivers results.

Our value proposition. 
Our value proposition, in partnership with NationAnalytics, for quantitative market analysis lies in our ability to do cross cutting searches of government public data bases and dig deeper into the details of government spending for certain NAICS and product services codes.

Analytical Approach

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