Why Capture Management?
Capture ManagementIn the competitive federal market, effective capture management is essential. The decision to pursue a federal contract is a big one, involving a considerable investment of time, effort and money. The questions are myriad: how do you meet the government’s requirements? Should you team with other companies? Which internal resources should be devoted to the effort? Do you need to hire outside resources? How do you price your proposal? RASA helps you answer these questions with guidance throughout the entire bidding process.

What we do.
RASA starts on day one, when the decision has been made to pursue the bid. First, we assign a qualified capture manager to lead your team – someone who knows your company, the subject and the business processes required by the government agency. Alternatively, we can also provide coaching and mentoring to boost the effectiveness of your current team of capture managers. Regardless of which option you choose, understanding the opportunity at-hand is the key to building an effective capture-management strategy.
After we establish a capture manager for your team, we’ll move beyond the focus of the request for proposal (RFP) to understand the full picture and answer critical questions, including:

  • What are the key objectives of the government agency?
  • How does this RFP help the agency fulfill its mission?
  • Who are the key influencers and decision makers?
  • What’s the competition?
With this full understanding of the bid your company is pursuing, we will begin to build out your strategy using highly structured, proven capture management methods that can be adapted to the most technical capture situations. We’ll map out a capture management plan, conduct a gap analysis, review your strengths and weaknesses and optimize the bid process to meet your goals.

Delivering results. 
Focusing on winning strategies, RASA ensures that the acquisition effort runs smoothly and continues to refresh itself throughout the process. We oversee all aspects – technical and management – of the proposal, from reviewing past performance references and calculating business costs, to analyzing the terms and conditions. At RASA, our capture management efforts are rooted in executing and delivering the necessary tactics to meet your strategic objectives and ensure the win.


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