Business DevelopmentWhy Business Development? 
To succeed in the federal market, you need a realistic and sustainable business development strategy that relies on proven processes. Whether looking to grow your current base of business or expand into new territory, RASAís team of experienced business development professionals has the skills necessary to significantly improve your organizationís positioning and success in the market.  

What we do.
At RASA, we take a systematic approach to business development, initiating every process with an objective analysis of your current capabilities. Based on your businessí requirements and goals, we will then help you to:

  • Understand
    • The current market with research-backed facts
    • The programs and budgets of your targeted agencies
    • Which of your core competencies can complement existing and future government programs
  • Develop
    • A clear value proposition for your market
    • Programs for lead generation
    • Sales call plans and key contact programs
    • A go-to-market strategy targeted to your specific audience

To improve your team, RASA's professionals can coach, assist and mentor your business development and sales staff. We will also work to identify potential customers and qualify leads on your behalf that turn into concrete sales.

Delivering results. 
RASAís business development consulting services can help you implement proven business development processes that work in the public sector market. RASA works to institutionalize winning business development strategies that create the positioning that leads to more sales.


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